Street Pastors

Street Pastors was pioneered in London in 2003 by Les Isaac.
Since then we have trained over 12,000 volunteers, who play an active part in strengthening community life and working for safer streets.

Chorley Street Pastor’s Commissioning Service 28th September 2019 at Living Waters church.

Firstly, a great big thank you, to all of you who came to the Commissioning Service last Month. What a turnout! You are all stars! It was estimated that nearly 200 people were present to enjoy a tremendous evening of worship, testimony and challenge from both Les and Louise Isaac and of course eat an ENORMOUS quantity of cake!! THANK YOU JULIA AND BRENDA!!, and all of you who helped to make the evening such a spectacular success.

For those of you who prayed, thank you for your prayers as there were several folk who  indicated a desire to train for Street or Prayer Pastor service, for which we thank God. A new training schedule is already being prepared for those who have expressed a desire to train to become street pastors and after the initial interviews have been completed, will begin shortly,

Please pray for those who have been commissioned and are settling in to their teams that the Lord will use them to make their witness on the streets effective during the coming months of this year into 2020,  


Chorley Street Pastors Co-ordinator

October 2019

Rev. Les Isaac – founder of Street Pastors

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