Grace Before Grace

An insight into the the grace of God in a pastor’s life through decades of ministry.

Rev. Anthony Lacy writes:

A few years ago I felt prompted to begin jotting down some of the basic events of my life, for no other reason than to simply leave a record of God’s amazing grace and provision. Out of that original concept has come a life story that while being lightweight in its writing and by no means a full record, never the less contains some tales of amazing miracles and answers to prayer.

The concept is now a short book entitled “Grace before Grace” which is available on Kindle/Amazon books at £6.50 for the paperback copy.

The following is an extract from the forward.

“Such honesty and vulnerability is a hallmark of the author’s life and ministry. By being open he allows the reader also to be real and in consequence benefit from the same strength and supply that Tony was to draw upon through his life – the goodness of a God who promises never to leave us or forsake us”…. John Glass

“Grace before Grace is an easy to read, encouraging book that will lift both your eyes and your faith. To see the hand of God at work in another life, to bear witness to His call, His mission and his faithfulness will stimulate your mind to believe for God’s best in your life.

There are times when we are in seasons of struggle in our lives and it hard to see God at work. Here with the benefit of longevity of ministry we can look into another person’s life and witness the providence of God.

I am sure you be both uplifted and spurred on in your walk with Christ as you work your way through this book”.

Rev John Lacy

Let me say that I am truly amazed  at the Wonderful ways God has used you. The title is a truth that is rarely touched on, that we can receive from God before knowing Him. I enjoyed your read immensely. Irene.

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